“It’s a blessing to have unfiltered events like these Fringe Festivals, which supports artists, and provides the opportunity to share their work directly with everyday audiences…a sincere Thank You!”

Michael Washington Brown was born in London, England. He is the first generation born outside of his family’s direct heritage of the Caribbean (Jamaica & Barbados).

In 1992 at 19, he left London for the shores of California, a place he fell in love with from his initial visit as a child at age 10. He knew even at this young age that he would ‘one day’ make America his home.

In 1994, he began studying scene classes in San Francisco and knew instantly what he wanted to do and be…an Actor. He gradually found himself working his way up the local scene and then eventually performing in productions at: The Magic Theatre, San Jose Repertory Theatre, Marin Theatre Company and Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Realizing that if he was to continue making his dreams a reality, he moved to New York City to continue his journey and landed a variety of New York City productions which began at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Theatre has always been Brown’s passion, but deep down he always felt there was ‘more to give’. Brown wanted to tell stories that were not being told. It was at the Cherry Lane Theatre in 2012 when he saw a One Man Show and was inspired beyond anything he had previously experienced. He realized in this moment what his ‘more to give’ would be:

“To write and share my own stories and perspective”

Brown discovered that his love of reading had laid the foundation and allowed the ease of his own voice, to reveal itself to him. He began developing and writing various projects but it was in 2016, when he was visited with the opportunity to write “BLACK!”

“These characters spoke to me and gifted me with the ability to share their individual perspectives in a manner which made me feel honored. I want to do these characters voices…justice. These are real people, with real feelings and emotions on this subject. Nothing is calculated or orchestrated; it’s the truth…their truth. I know the hand of God has made this entirely possible”

Brown is excited to be on this journey, with no knowledge to where this leads him. He is especially excited to be sharing this project at the Asheville Fringe Festival, FRIGID Fringe Festival NYC and the Seattle Fringe 2017; he has felt sincere support from the organizers and staff.