"Those who live outside the Black daily experience may never know or realize the inner discrimination that has existed for years... But where did it come from? And why does it still exist?"

“BLACK!”  Highlights the nuances and life perspectives of various people who are from the ‘Black global Community’.  There are many stereotypes that exist which seem to ‘mesh’ all black people and their stories together.  The truth is that there are distinct differences, yet, a very definite similarity between black people from all walks of life.  There’s an African, African American, Caribbean and even English or European perspective to consider.  These are still only a few in consideration of the much larger picture. Last but not least is the conversation regarding the usage of ‘Black verses African American’?


But where did it come from? And why does it still exist? 

In this piece, you will meet several individuals who will each describe their personal experience with the word BLACK!  We will learn about their stories, how their lives are affected by this word and most important, their individual perspectives.

We hope to discover and better understand what they feel towards those of similar ethnic roots, and why they may not necessarily share the same ‘black’ experience…

…or do they?