Press Release: Seattle Fringe Festival

Press Release: Seattle Fringe Festival


“Seattle Fringe Festival presents (A Program of Theatre Puget Sound)”


An “Inspire thought, Ignite Creative thinking, Provoke Dialogue” production

Written & Performed by

Michael Washington Brown

Festival Schedule: March 23rd-April 1st 2017

 Ticket Price: $13.00

“BLACK!” Show Dates: 3/24 @ 9:30pm, 3/26 @3:45pm, 3/29 @ 8:45pm, 4/1@9:00pm,

Theatre Venue: Eclectic Theater 1214 10th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Show Synopsis:

In this piece you will meet individuals who will each describe their personal experience with the word “BLACK!”  

We will learn about their stories, how their lives are affected by this word, whether positively or otherwise, and most important, their individual perspectives. 

We hope to better understand whether there are any similarities or has society ‘bought into’ the stereotypes that exist.

If so…why?

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