Michael Washington Brown: Actor, Playwright & Storyteller

Michael Washington Brown was born in London, England.  He is the first generation born outside of his family’s direct heritage of the Caribbean (Jamaica & Barbados). In 1992 at 19, he left London for the shores of California, a place he fell in love with from his initial visit as a child at age 10. He knew even at this young age that he would ‘one day’ make America his home.

What is it?  Why now? Where did it come from?

“These characters spoke to me and gifted me with the ability to share their individual perspectives, in a manner which made me feel honored.  I want to do these characters voices…justice.  These are real people, with real feelings and emotions on this subject.  Nothing is calculated or orchestrated; it’s the truth…their truth.  I know the hand of God has made this entirely possible”

What the Media is saying about “BLACK!”

Media coverage on “BLACK!”

“BLACK!” The Entertainer Magazine

Such an amazing surprise to be included in this months Entertainer Magazine! A whole page dedicated to “BLACK!” and the Phoenix performance and message. Thank you Christina Fuoco-Karasinski and Susan Kricun for making this possible.

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Inspired Media Interview

“Once you know what your purpose is, just do it.” Actor Michael W. Brown shares his incredible story of returning to the stage after a 16 year break. He tells us how he made dreams come true with his sold-out production of “BLACK!” a one-man show he wrote and stars in, now sparking conversation nationwide!

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